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What is an UPC?

A bar code is a block of black bars and white spaces that stores data. But what do they mean? What is the difference between a UPC and an EAN barcode? Find out more about the different types of bar codes, what they mean and why we can't live without them!

Why search by UPC?

You can use UPC Code Look Up databases to help you find out more about a product, such as the details of the supplier, or nutrition information of a product. You can also use UPC Look Up databases to check whether a bar code is correct.

How to buy an UPC?

Do you need to buy bar codes for your business? Perhaps you want to sell your own products online?! Your first step is to register with the GS1 US Agency! Click here to find out more about how to buy and make your own barcodes!

UPC generator

Do you want to know how to generate your own bar codes? That´s necessary if you want to sell products online successfully. Click here to find out more about software that can help you make and print your own barcodes and UPC Codes, for free!

Do you think UPC and bar codes are just to sell products in shops? Well, you are wrong! We can't live without bar codes! Did you know that doctors and nurses use bar codes every day to help treat patients? Patients arriving at hospital are sometimes given wrist bands with bar codes, which store important information about their medical history. Bar codes are used to keep track of many things, which affect our everyday life, from airport luggage, express mail, sports events tickets to rental cars. Bar code scanning is 10 times faster and more accurate than entering data manually. Did you know that keyboard operators makes an average of ten errors, per 1000 words typed? Browse this website to find out more about bar codes and how they can help you in your everyday life or your business!