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Products are part of our everyday life but it is not always easy to know who actually produces the products that we buy. Consumers might be interested to find out more information about a product that they have purchased. Supermarket buyers might want to find out more information about a product, for example the contact details of the manufacturer or supplier. Applications providers may want to use a UPC Database to confirm that a bar code is correct. Also you sometimes simply want to find out what product belongs to a certain UPC number. You find out more about a product by using the UPC number to search UPC databases.

UPC Databases

There is not yet a comprehensive database that includes all the UPC Codes. Depending on the information you require, you might need to try a different databases to find the information you are looking for. If one database does not provide the information, then you could try another. Google.com Shopping is probably the easiest site to use for consumers.

Google.com Shopping and Amazon

google-amazon UPC

You can use Google.com Shopping to find out the product details, if you type the numbers from the bar code into the search window. Just type the bar code into the search window, for example: 40084701. Press the blue search button and off you go. The bar code 40084701, is for Kinder chocolate, 8 bars, 100g. Also you can use Amazon to look up UPC numbers.

simple-upcSimple UPC

Simple UPC offer a subscription service that allows you to access product data, detailed nutrition information and high quality images. It has over 100,000 products in its database.

  • The product data service allows you to query any product by UPC, manufacturer, brand or product name.
  • The product images are scaled for use on the web and mobile apps.
  • Nutrition information, including calories, fat, protein and product warnings.
  • Intelligent Categorization, which will find similar products by category.

The minimum subscription plan is 99$ per month and the maximum is 499$ per month. They do offer a one month free trial, so you can try before you buy.

zxing upc lookupZXing.org

If you have the bar code image you can upload an image of the bar code or a link to use this database to decode your bar code: ZXing is a free open-source bar code image processing library. Their main focus is on using mobile phone cameras to scan and decode bar codes, without using a server. You can also use this database to encode and decode bar codes on your desktop.

UPC Database.org


The UPC database is one of the fastest growing databases of product UPC Codes. The database has over 1.7 million codes, although only 1,104 have images. The site is free to use, and it has lots of free tools, such as a check digit calculator and a QR code generator. If you are a web developer, you use their API system to display results on your website. The database is always looking for new codes to be added to the site, by members of the public. The website was set up by a small group of students in 2010.

upc-databaseUPC Database.com

This database has over 1.6 million codes. You can look up the UPC number with their UPC Finder. This site is also reliant on members of the public to grow the database. If you look up a UPC number and there is no information in the database, the site suggests that you add the details yourself. The UPC database is not open source, as the terms and conditions state that, ‚the data provided by this site may not be redistributed in any manner.‘

The GS1 Database

gs1 upc search

The GEPIR is an internet based service that provides access to contact information for companies that are members of GS1. If you type a product bar code into their database, you can find out basic contact details of the company who produced that product. You can also use physical locations and shipment numbers as search criteria. GEPIR provides access to contact details for over 1 million companies in over 100 countries.

okfn upc lookupOpen Product Data

Open product data is a database which provides open source product data. It was set up by Philippe Plagnol last year. The database currently contains over one million product GTIN numbers, over 600,000 images, and 4000 brands. An open source database is open for anyone to use and redistribute. This blog article provides more details about the project. Click on this link to get to Open Product data!.

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  1. Leah sagt:

    I do not speak German but am part of a start up trying to start an online market place. As such we are looking for good UPC databases to help us with our products. We would love to consult with someone at UPC-lookup.com to see if they might have any recommendations or potential partnerships opportunities.

  2. Shlomi sagt:


    Do you may have database of garments barcodes? Zara, H&M and so on?


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